Five Favorites: Ypsilanti Edition

Now that we’ve had time to settle, I’ve found some of the great things about our new stomping grounds in Ypsilanti. Today is your lucky day because I’ve compiled a (mostly) illustrated list just for YOU! Conveniently there are five favorites … Continue reading

Ypsi Poughkeepsie

The past couple weeks have had their ups and downs. Chris and I are closing in on the end of our sub-lease and have been hot on the house hunting trail to make sure we have a house before our lease ends.

The week before Memorial Day we were excited to finally find a house that we liked. We made an offer on Friday and had reached an agreement with the owners on Saturday. Unfortunately, they were out of town and said they would get the contract signed when they got back in town (cue ominous music). It wasn’t until Tuesday that the sellers let us know that they were withdrawing their house from the market.

So after completely neglecting the real estate listings for the past few days, Chris and I scrambled to find some more houses to look at ASAP. We were feeling the fire under our bums because we were less than two months from the end of our lease and we were quickly running out of time to get a deal to nailed down. We were dreading the thought of moving at least two more times.

So we went out looking at houses for four hours Thursday night and thankfully we found one we liked and we made an offer. Friday our realtor told us two other offers were supposed to be made that day too. Ugh. Cue the nervous thoughts of “Should we have offered more???” The real estate market here is a tough one. Well thankfully and much to our relief by Friday evening the sellers had agreed to our original offer!

Outside Front

The new homestead

So Friday we got to head back to Pittsburgh on a spur of the moment trip with a huge weight off our shoulders.

An aside, one of the first A2 people I met here happens to have gone to N.A. She and her husband offered to drive us home since they were heading back for a weekend. So we decided to get out of Dodge and got to see our families, albeit just for a little while. It was a beautiful weekend in Pittsburgh.

Anywho, here’s a little preview of the new digs and the answer to many prayers. The house is in Ypsilanti, which is a town just east of Ann Arbor, and close to the bus for me to ride to UMich. We were hoping to get a full basement OR garage OR an extra bedroom and we got all three! So pray that the inspection and all the other things that need to fall in place happen and we get to make this our home come July. We’re counting down the days!

Inside entrance

The living room and entry

Inside Kitchen

Inside Kitchen 2 Kitchen and family room


Chris’ man cave


We’re excited for a double vanity!

Outside Back

And a back porch!