June Rewind

Summer is just the best, y’all. Have I said that before??? (Yes.)

Ours has been rocking and rolling and by the end of June I would say things have finally settled into a new summer routine. Continue reading

January Rewind

And so begins my New Years resolution of doing a quick recap for each month.
January’s highlights include:

  • The month started off with frigid, freezing temperatures and we learned how to dress warm to survive our busing commutes. But overall, January was pretty kind to us. Just some small snow squalls and it even got warm enough to melt everything and I got out for a run.


  • No big social events, but lots of dinners and evenings spent with friends.
  • We went to a few performances at the University of Michigan. We saw the Collage Concert, which showcases student performers in the School of Music, Theater and Dance in three minute snippets; and we saw the University Symphony Orchestra perform a Beethoven symphony.


  • I started picking up some tutoring jobs on the side.
  • Chris has had the biggest ulcer ever in the back of his mouth (it’s the size of a dime!). Poor guy has been having a hard time eating and drinking. 😦
  • We watched the first two seasons of the Big Bang Theory and memorized the theme song. Correction: The first verse…apparently there’s a lot more verses to the song. Full song here.

Chattering with the other ladies at Jenna’s tl;dr link-up.