Hi! I’m Laura Mike. Welcome to Keeping Up With the Mikes. I’m glad you’ve stopped by.

I believe that we are called to love one another and that we love by giving of ourselves. So I hope to love you by sharing my life here with you, whether that’s my thoughts on faith, favorite recipes, books, crafts, science, exercise, thrifty tricks or our family life.

My husband Chris and I are both from the suburbs of Pittsburgh, where we met at a regional band competition. We dated long distance in high school and part of freshman year of college while we were individually pursuing our degrees at Duke in NC (me – Chemistry!) and the University of North Texas (Chris – Jazz Saxophone!). I tragically broke up with him and we kept in touch over the next four years. We reconnected when I moved to Nashville for grad school (Microbiology!) and God clearly indicated that he was the man for me. We dated long distance for another couple years. After Chris finished his Masters (Classical Woodwinds!) he moved to Nashville. Shortly after that we were engaged and then married. A year later I finished my degree and we decided that we wanted to be closer to home during my postdoctoral fellowship. Now we find ourselves landed in back in the North in Ann Arbor, MI. Here, I hope to stay near to our dear friends and family we’ve met throughout life’s journey and make some new friends from here on out.

With my Love,



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