July Rewind

July Rewind

Let’s just pretend that July was only yesterday so I don’t “break the chain” of doing monthly recaps. Have you ever heard of Don’t Break the Chain? It’s a motivation technique supposedly used by Jerry Seinfeld. You can read more about it here.

Summer is just the best and busiest time of the year and I’m not the only one in Michigan bemoaning summer winding down. So what’d we do while the weather was hot and the days were long?

Last time we left off Chris was in PA painting his parents’ house while he was between work. After the Fourth of July Chris started his new job with a small tech company. Also, his non-stop train of music gigs started so his life has mostly consisted of work, practice, perform, and sleep.

My life was nearly just as wild with my days mostly looking like: write for work, train for tri, check out the garden, and sleep. For me this actually made for a pretty great July—the training got me outside and helped keep my stress in check while I had a lot of deadlines at work.

The biggest beer fest in Michigan is a couple miles from our house, which is great because our friends could use our house for home base and it was an easy walk to the gate.

MIBeer Fest

The next day Chris’  parents came to visit for the weekend. It was actually attempt #2 to come visit as on the day prior, their departure had been delayed by a sick puppy and then completely aborted after an auto electronics failure. But they persevered and made it out the next day with the dog in tow and we got to show them a good time with our friends at the famous German Park Picnic and otherwise just enjoy good company.

German Park

Perhaps the only other really notable thing, which I’ve tried to block out of my memory, is the night I got locked out of the house. It wouldn’t have been so bad except that I had just gotten back from a run so I was in sweaty running clothes which pretty much kept me as cold as possible for the next couple hours. Chris hurried back as soon as he could from his gig and by the next day had taken measures to make sure that never happens again.

Locked Out

Still on that runner’s high, riiiiiight before realizing I only had a keychain bottle-opener in my pocket–not a house key.

So that was our July! Simple and busy, but we still found some time for summer fun. I hope your summer has been the same!


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