June Rewind

Summer is just the best, y’all. Have I said that before??? (Yes.)

Ours has been rocking and rolling and by the end of June I would say things have finally settled into a new summer routine.

June Rewind

  • June started out with me finishing up a conference in New Orleans. I was so happy to come back to the lush greenery and low humidity of Michigan. Nothing makes you love home as much as traveling.
  • We finished getting our plants in the ground for the summer. Now it’s more just maintenance and wandering around the yard to check on my plant babies. #bliss
  • I started swimming outside with the local masters group. Let me just reiterate how much I.love.swimming. Especially when it’s in a 50 meter pool and under the big blue sky.
  • Between swimming and commuting by bike, I couldn’t resist signing up for my second Olympic Triathlon. It’s been way too long since I’ve done a big race. Wish me luck as I train for the race in August! Is there interest in me documenting how I am training for the race? I can try to do weekly updates, if that’s not too boring.
  • Chris’ friend from high school and his girlfriend stayed with us for a weekend while they were in town for a wedding. It was fun catching up and hang out with them.
  • The following weekend we headed out to Chicago for Brittany and Nate’s wedding. Chris was best man and I had fun tagging along with the girls. Everything went perfectly, just like the newlyweds. Congrats you two!

Chicago Trip

  • Chris’ job at UM ended at the beginning of the month and quite providentially the number of gigs he has lined up have exploded. He played his first wedding gig in town this month and Seussical the Musical.
  • While he had time off, Chris got a lot of projects taken care of around the house. Most notably he made the Mike Family maiden voyage to IKEA and assembled bookshelves for us. Finally all our books are on the shelves and the craft room is one step closer to being completely unpacked.

  • I took a solo trip to PA to visit my family. I got to see both sides of my extended family at the family reunion and my cousin’s graduation. I also got some quality time with my immediate family with a bonfire and fireworks in our neighbor’s yard. It was a perfect weekend getaway!

PA Trip

  • Chris and I drove past each other on the Ohio Turnpike when he was en route to PA and I was returning to MI. He spent some of his time off painting the inside of his parents’ house to give it a nice face lift.
  • And, even though this happened in July, I don’t want to leave anyone on a cliffhanger. Chris thankfully has a new job starting this week. He’s going to start working for a wireless networking company. So I would say that was the smoothest unemployment period ever for the Mikes. Thanks be to God. And maybe Dave Ramsay too.

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