Gardening with the Mikes: June Update

I’m going to make good on my word and post an update on what’s going on in the garden. Last time I did a garden update it was April and life mostly consisted of sifting landscaping rocks out of the garden beds and seedlings. Since then Chris and I have put in a lot of work.

In the front of the house we finished the massive rock sorting project and loaded the garden bed with lots of toasty compost and good soil. I bought some annuals to trim the garden and distract people from the fact that we’re using our front garden bed for a vegetable garden. Otherwise, everything else out front was grown from seed or bulb. We also opted for some fun and colorful tomato spirals instead of cages to improve the curb appeal, or at least make it not look bad. I also planted some canna lilies and dahlias in the back corners (thanks Mom and Dad!).

Edibles growing: tomatoes (heirloom and cherry, both are blooming), squash, peppers (jalepeno and bell), lettuce mix, spinach, onions, garlic, chard, basil, rosemary, oregano. Lettuce is on its way out, but it did great for the past month or so.


Before 4″ rain


Just a week after the torrential rain storms. The tomatoes loved it!


I think this will be my first dahlia to bloom.


Garlic curls ❤ delicioso


Squash twins

More flower beds out front. Blooming are: marigolds, ageratum, torenia (? I don’t know, they looked cool at the store.)…



On our way to the backyard you’ll pass my succulents. Imagine if these landscaping rocks were covered with a little bit of dirt and a lot of mulch—that’s what we dealt with out front. This garden bed is going to stay rocks and succulents for now. Oh, and note all the silver maple wingdings. Those things are terrible. Before they were suffocating our plants, and now we’re weeding them endlessly.


Out back we have a lot more space, so I have four different areas. 1) Around the porch, 2) Pots on the porch, 3) Strawberry patch, and 4) Brand new raised beds. Chris worked hard building the raised beds and carefully designed a netted covering to protect my strawberries from critters.

Let’s go in order – off to the area around the porch! This is the most difficult place to get things to grow because we now have rabbits living under our porch and they are tasting everything. They don’t seem to like impatiens though, so those will definitely be planted again next year.

Around the porch, my mom had already planted some flowers there last summer and most came back: balloon flowers, yellow crawling flowers, coreopsis (whose flowers are constantly being eaten). I bought some impatiens and other shade-loving flowers for edging. Things are doing okay here. Edibles include parsley, garlic, onions, tomatoes, peppers, and chives.

wpid-img_20150620_185630391.jpgwpid-img_20150620_185548232.jpgwpid-img_20150610_203907652.jpg wpid-img_20150610_203925940.jpg

I left some of my plants in pots on the porch because I think that’s where we get the best sun and the critters generally don’t get into the pots. I have lavender, tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumber, lettuce, spinach, cilantro, chard. Chris says that he must really love me for letting me keep all these pots on our porch.wpid-img_20150620_185231231.jpg

Last summer, my parents went to a yard sale and picked up a plastic raised garden bed frame for us. I decided this would make the perfect strawberry patch. So Chris made it nice and level at the back of the yard and built this nice removable netted top to keep animals from eating the berries. I don’t expect many berries this year (we’re getting a few here and there), but hopefully our strawberries will eventually take over the bed and flourish. For now, I filled in the gaps with lettuce and spinach.


And the grand finale is the oh-so-fancy raised beds Chris built while I was in New Orleans. He made them with cedar and built a nice fence around them, including a gate on each of them so I can easily weed and get stuff in and out. These are dedicated to edibles, but they are the last things that got planted so they still haven’t started flourishing, especially compared to the front. I’ve got tomatoes, peppers, beans, squash, cucumber, onions, chard, and basil incubating. If my watermelon doesn’t sprout, I might start growing more beans in the upper garden or broccoli at the end of summer. We’ll see.





Squirrelfriend update: He hung upside down while we ate lunch today. He is nuts.

What’s growing in your garden? Have you gotten to eat anything yet?

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