May Rewind

Y’all I’m not even going to pretend to apologize for this being so late. Life has been grand and we’re living it up and the garden is growing strong. Michigan.summers.rock. I’m just happy I can plop down for a hot minute to jot down the fun we had in May.


  • Chris scored us tickets to the U-M Musical Theater Showcase, which is when the graduating musical theater majors show off their skills before heading to Broadway for auditions. It was fantastic. Here’s a leaked version of their finale.

Direct link here.

  • My dear friend Liz from way back when in Governor’s school lives about an hour from us. I got to catch up with her at Detroit Restaurant Week.
  • We drank OUTSIDE with friends for Cinco de Ocho (akin to Cinco de Cuatro a la Arrested Development) and the Oberon Miracle (in which our friend’s neighbor gave him an untapped keg of Oberon because they weren’t going to be able to drink it. Too bad. So sad. Lucky us.).

First bonfire of the summer!

  • After over six months without my wedding band. Yes, I lost it and sadly, it still hasn’t showed up. The silver lining is that I got a new band…and it’s a little sparklier. 🙂
  • We went ‘up north’ for Memorial Day weekend. We drove two hours north to our friends’ hometown, Midland, where we had a bonfire, went for a bike ride and saw the Loons play some baseball. From there we did a day trip to the Leelanau Peninsula and explored Sleeping Bear Dunes, a winery and cider brewery, and Traverse City. We’re so grateful to have these adventures with friends and I wish I could put together a whole post on this. But for now here’s a glimpse of the Dunes. They are indescribably awesome.


  • This year many of my friends (myself included) turn 30. To kick off the year I sent these buttons to my dear friend Annie.


  • I had the second meeting of my book club at Dominick’s to discuss Room: A Novel. It was an interesting book and a fun time to hang out with friends, on the porch, drinking sangria. Once again, that Michigan summer. #worthit
  • I closed out the month of May with a flight to New Orleans for the largest microbiology conference. I had a great time reconnecting with old friends, meeting new people and geeking out a little. I even got to give a short presentation on my research the last day.


I will do a whole separate post just on the garden. Pinky swear. And since these could be 7 Quick Takes, I’m linking up with Kelly, because I haven’t in forever.

What’s been the highlight of your summer so far?


5 thoughts on “May Rewind

  1. Gee, sorry you lost your wedding band. Îf you lost it in the yard, i can bring my metal detector up next month. Let me know. But you had a lot of fun to make up for that. So glad to hear that. The trip to NOLA must have been nice. Have you heard, we’re acquiring another daughter! Yup, Nick & Chloe. Life is good all around. Have to get to sleep. Have a great weekend.


    • Thanks for the offer… I lost it in my wallet, backpack, or car. Which is why I was waiting to see if it showed up. :-/ Yes, I heard about Nick and Chloe! It’s very exciting! Can’t wait to see you soon


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