April Rewind

April was a fantastic month here. Easter kicked off the month right and then the sun started shining more and all was well in the world again.

– The month started with a bang when my parents and sister and nephdog came to visit for Easter weekend. The guys did a couple projects around the house while I treated my mom and sister to some Jamberry manicures. Much fun was had by all.


– I got quality time in with my favorite nephdog, Vinny, including a couple walks and some good laying in the sun time.


Vinny approves of Michigan.

– Once Duke got to the Sweet 16, I wore a Duke shirt every day and it worked. Duke won the National Championship! #winning


Breakfast of Champions: Grandma’s Easter Paska

– The sunshine and warmer temps awakened my inner gardener from hibernation. I was deprived of gardening last summer and am so excited for our first Michigan garden. As with most gardening, the season mostly began with the inglorious preparation of the soil. Which for us means digging out (what feels like) tons of little while landscaping rocks. Get more about our gardening adventures here.


Free, i.e. ‘please take these off our hands because we’re not allowed to throw them in the trash‘. Thanks to Craigslist these were gone in a couple hours. It was magical.

– Although I haven’t run much thanks to my bum foot, I snagged a last minute registration to the Trail to the Victors race. I was quite happy to finish the 5k in 26:19, plus it was fun to finish in the Big House.


– I started a book club with some friends from work and we had our first meeting to discuss The Paying Guests. The book was ok – three out of five stars. Kind of slow, interesting in parts, but then by the end you just want it to be over to know how it ends. I’ve been reading & listening to a lot of books and hope to put together a review of them for you all soon.

– Momma Bear was in Detroit for business and graced us with a second visit at the end of April. The weather was chilly, but we had some quality time that included a Costco & Aldi wine run, a visit to the Matthaei Botanical Gardens, dinner at Red Rock, digging compost, sifting rocks, and two good movies: “Populaire” and “In a World”.

This is the only picture I have of the weekend. We tried Costco brand beer and my mom's review, "It has taste!"

This is the only picture I have of the weekend. We tried Costco brand beer and my mom’s review, “It has taste!”

– We grilled and it snowed. Not at the same time. But that pretty much sums up our month.  How was your April?

wpid-wp-1430873625471.jpeg wpid-img_20150422_091622.jpg


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