April Garden Tour

Ahhh, spring is really here! The grass is greener and I think we saw the last snow of the season…yesterday. If you know me, I love to garden and missing out on last year’s season due to moving was so sad for me. But this is our first full growing season at our house and we are so excited and ambitious as usual. Here’s what we got brewing for this season.


April snow brings May flowers?!?

Here’s what we’re up against. Our lot has several mature trees on it, so sunlight will be limited once the leaves pop and the roots are going to suck the nutrients out of the soil. PLUS despite living in the city limits, we have major critter problems. Since we’ve moved here we’ve seen squirrels (they have a nest in our tree and like to eat our pumpkins), rabbits, a groundhog, an opposum, a skunk, and a vole (killed by Mr. Mike in the garage with a ten-pound weight). So this year is entirely experimental and I have low expectations. My strategy is to grow things from seeds so I can put a bunch of different plants in a bunch of different locations and see how they do, without breaking the bank.


So many trees just ready to shade our house (and garden).


Our squirrelfriend’s nest.

Here’s what we’ve done so far:

In the fall I planted the cloves of a head of garlic and so far six have survived and three were dug out by squirrels. I’ll be happy if the six make it. Right now they’re growing happily. Yippee!



Weekly, I’ve sown peas and chard directly into the ground along the fence and in some of the backyard garden beds. Just this week a bunch of peas and some chard have popped up. I cannot tell you how I excited I was because I could have sworn that squirrel was following right behind me and pawing at those seeds.


Peeping peas



When I thought that something was digging at my seeds in the ground, I started some of these cold weather plants in pots on the porch rail instead. I’ve got mixed greens, spinach, chard, and peas sown, and most have just started to sprout.


Chris calls me the crazy pot lady.


Baby greens

I’ve started lots of seedlings inside over the past month and they’ve all sprouted: lavender, onions, bell peppers, jalepenos, orange cherry tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, basil, and assorted heirloom flowers from my Nashville garden.


Crazy pot lady, cont’d


Left to right: Onions, lavender, bell and jalapeno peppers, basil and tomatoes.

I picked up a raspberry plant at Aldi and planted it along the fence. They’re supposed to do well up north, we’ll see if we get a good crop next summer.


Two sticks Raspberry

We also moved the holly bushes from our front garden bed, which gets the most sunlight and put them out back for privacy. In doing so, we realized that the (un)kindly men who flipped our house were so thoughtful as to just cover the front garden beds with mulch, so no one would see the ugly white landscaping rocks underneath. And so this is where we stand, or sit. Sorting out landscaping rocks from mulch and dirt so we can put in fresh weed blocker and dirt AND THEN plant our main garden. The joys of home ownership.


Evicted holly bushes


Chris’ handy dandy sifter

wpid-wp-1429836012680.jpeg  wpid-wp-1429835966552.jpeg wpid-wp-1429835896350.jpeg

This is the part of the growing season that is full of hope, dreams and (over) ambition. We’ll see how things stand next month!


9 thoughts on “April Garden Tour

  1. Your adventures with your squirrelfriend make me laugh. My garden’s problem is rats, not nearly as cute of a picture. I’m excited to see what happens with your garden! Its my second year trying to grow veggies, but I wasn’t brave enough to go the seed route (last year I tried and they all died), I just bought a few tomato plants and I’m hoping they make it.


    • Rats would terrify me! I usually buy plants but I really don’t know how the garden will do here in Michigan, so I’m going to cheaper seed route this year. I bet next year we’ll buy a couple plants.


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