March Rewind

I know that it’s already mid-April and spring is in full swing, but there’s no time like the present to do my March rewind, right? March was unexpectedly rough and this Lent ended up being a little extra penitential. But we made it through and Easter was all the sweeter for it. And now that life has become re-equilibrated, I have time to type out a few words about what we did last month. So let’s back the truck up.


Built a puzzle in the kitchen (yay for overhead lights!) during the calm before the storm.

I started out the month with a cold and since I recently got a laptop for work, I was able to work from home. I knew I had three talks coming up that included two lab meetings and a departmental seminar. So I took the time to work on the presentations from the comfort of my couch. Not too shabby, plus it saved me some major headaches later in the month. Thanks, Past Laura.

I had submitted a grant application in December and got my scores back just as I was getting over the cold. The reviews were good, but not good enough to ensure that I would get funding. So a quick decision was made with my mentors to resubmit for the April 7 deadline, which meant it was really due to the university a couple weeks before that. So I dropped off the interwebs and wrote & edited like a mad-woman to get everything turned in on time. The last document was submitted Good Friday. Alleluia!


Just a couple Word documents for the grant resubmission….

Also, in that time I gave three talks. And was surprised to find out I was selected to give another talk at a big microbiology conference in June. I’m both excited at the opportunity and nervous about presenting my new project to so many people. The departmental seminar was good practice though, so I think it should go smoothly come June.

The other half of the Mike household was primarily occupied with performing in the pit orchestras for two musicals in addition to his normal day job. He especially loved playing Spamalot and kept quoting the Knights who say Ni and talking about shrubbery. After that he got to play one of his favorite shows, the classic Guys & Dolls. In the end he ended up working 17 days straight between the two musicals and they conveniently wrapped up on Palm Sunday.

And this is how our March ended up being a struggle just to keep up with the essentials.

On the weather front, Chris says that it was still really cold, but all I can recall is that glorious mid-March week where we got into the 50s multiple days. I got so excited about the nice weather that I put in too many miles my first week back at running and ended up aggravating my hyperflexible foot (seriously, that’s the diagnosis!). So I had to take some time off and am patiently working up to more mileage.


He says it was cold.


She says it was lovely.

We did manage to squeeze in some fun. We surprised our friend Rob for his 30th birthday. And went to Theology of the Body Day at Old St. Pat’s with Janet Smith. Sorry no pictures of fun from this month. Ha.

OH and I almost forgot I did a fun giveaway for my Pretty Handmade Design shop on Etsy and Annie is the lucky winner of two new headbands. Those will be heading out to NC very soon!

Linking up with Jenna.

Happy Spring and Easter y’all! Now get off yer computer and go play outside!


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