Crafting keeps the crazy away [and a GIVEAWAY!]

We’ve now lived in Michigan for a full orbit of Earth about the sun. And in the darkest, coldest part of my first Michigan winter, my sewing machine’s hum kept the winter blues away. Now that spring has sprung and the snow is gone, I have brightened up my home and my PrettyhandmadeDesign Etsy shop. That’s PhD for short…get it?!? Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck. Anyways, if you’re just here for the giveaway scroll on down to the bottom for the details. But for those of you who love a good little makeover story, hang with me.

It all started when we ran out of paper napkins. “Hmm,” I thought, “linen napkins would brighten up our dining room and wouldn’t be a huge hassle to wash. Plus, these placemats are looking kind of nasty, so I’ll replace those too.” Off to the fabric store I dashed and not too long after I had some fresh new linen napkins that can double as a placemat when unfolded. I’ve also found the folded napkins are useful as hot pads. I still have some green fabric that I’m going to add to the mix. But I’m just too excited to wait until those are done and just have to show you what a wonderful change a couple yards of fun fabric can make.





Then my confidence was all boosted and we inherited this crazy old revolutionary war era chest and I was like, “That chest needs a runner and I may as well make us some coordinating valences and throw pillows while I’m at it.” And off to the store I dashed again. I picked a neutral, but colorful pattern for the curtains and used those remnants to bind the edges of a piece of burlap. I added some fringe on the skinny edges to finish off the runner for the chest. Finally, I cut an old bed pillow in half, stitched it closed and covered it with color-coordinated fabrics. $5/pillow, with some extra fabric leftover. So much better than the usual $15/throw pillow AND I got to pick the fabrics.









wpid-wp-1426726669168.jpegwpid-wp-1425345565648.jpegwpid-wp-1426726642168.jpegwpid-wp-1426726678293.jpeg The living isn’t completely done, I’d still like to find a rug for it. But it is much homier to have a little more color in the room…and something more than just sheers in the windows.

And because I had some fabric remnants and I just can’t let things go to waste, I turned all my leftovers into headbands. Which I am now excited to announce are new items in my PrettyhandmadeDesign Etsy shop. Go check them out here!



And because I was so enamored with my placemat-linen napkins, I posted them on Instagram and people seemed to really love them there. So I went ahead and headed to my best friend JoAnn’s and picked up some fresh and funky fabric. I stitched up some more of these guys and added them to the PhD shop. Go check them out here!

I made sure to get a little extra fabric so I can make headbands in these bolder colors too. 🙂



So here’s where things get fun for you. To celebrate expanding my offerings on Etsy, I’m going to give away to one lucky winner their choice of 2 headbands (to share? or not to share? that is the question) OR 4 linen placemat-napkins. Here’s the skinny on how you can walk away with something to brighten your spring. You can earn up to five entries as follows:

So hop, skip, and jump over to your favorite social media to enter! Contest ends March 31st. And as a thank you just for playing use the coupon code SPRINGHASSPRUNG for 15% all orders, expires April 5th.

Giveaway 2

May the odds be ever in your favor!


5 thoughts on “Crafting keeps the crazy away [and a GIVEAWAY!]

  1. you are so crafty!! I like how you let nothing be wasted. I love the pillows the most I think..Good work Laura, Everything is so nice. I cant order anything right now but hope you do well in your craft adventure!!


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