February Rewind

February was a bustling month for us and flew right on by. I’m so glad it’s March what with all the lion and lamb talk.

  • February heard me say that January was pretty mild and smacked us right in the face with 15″ of snow in a single day on February 1. It worked out well. We had local friends over for the Super Bowl and found out we had a snow day the next day. So we guiltlessly stayed up late, slept in and spent the morning shoveling. It was awesome…and backache-inducing.


  • We took a trip to central Michigan with Alaina and Andrew to go skiing and had a great time meeting their family. It was the first time either of us skied in a long time and was a great mini-vacation.wpid-wp-1425343093319.jpeg
  • The next weekend was Valentine’s Day and we went to a diocesan Valentine’s Day date night at the Inn at St. John’s, which is pretty swank. We spent the night with friends and enjoyed Mass, hors d’oeuvres, a couple talks, dinner, and dancing.


  • My primary cabin fever symptom is an inordinate number of sewing projects. This month, I made valences, throw pillows and a runner for the living room and napkins for the dining room. Placemats and headbands are in process and I’ll post all the lovelies another time. Here’s a teaser:


  • We went to the Michigan vs. Wisconsin hockey game courtesy of our realtor and friend, Travis and his wife Peggy.wpid-wp-1425345574793.jpeg
  • I donated ten inches of my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths and Inn Style Salon kindly did the charity hair cut for free! Lesson: If you’re ever thinking of donating do some searching to see if you can get a free haircut for your kindness.


  • I learned how to make .gifs on my phone. Sorry. Not Sorry.

For more tl;dr check in with Jenna and her new beautiful baby boy!


4 thoughts on “February Rewind

  1. Where do I even start! What an awesome month! That hockey game sounds fun and your hair looks so wonderful – probably because you’ve got all that grace to go with it! Also, does St. John’s do that every year for VDay? If so, will you remind me next year. That sounds so so so so cool! I wish we would have known!! Although, I was pretty pregnant this year ha!

    And, um, still snowing obviously. Boo.


  2. The weather senses your fear. Your haircut looks fab. I kind of wish I could donate mine, but they don’t take any kind of processed hair. (Mine is chemically straightened.)


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