7 Quick Takes, Vol. 6

Radio silence over here. Life has been quiet and it’s been so good. I’ve just been catching up on normal life things and it doesn’t seem like there’s any big stories in our lives. And that’s wonderful. I’m not really a New Years Resolutions type of person, but I have been thinking of a few for some reason this year. Most of them are pretty simple. So this list of 7 Quick takes is going to be 4 quick resolutions and 3 other little life updates.

1 – Re:blog. I really liked putting together the year-in-review post, but it took so long. So this resolution is to just write a recap of the high points for that month. Otherwise, I’m going to try to write one other post, maybe a simple project we’ve done or a recipe we love, etc. (see #2)

2 – Re:meals. Put together a monthly meal plan. In the fall I realized that I have about 8 solid recipes that I can make with confidence and we love. I keep the list on the fridge and pick a couple for the next week when I’m heading out to get groceries. I’m sure there are a few more if I dig through my Pinterest boards and haphazard recipe folder. So I want to just jot down about three recipes that I could do each week, so I just don’t have to think about what to cook and get at the store. When I get it put together, obviously I will share.

3 – Re:emails. My inbox is my to-do list. If I haven’t taken care of something, it sits in my inbox until I take care of it (or set a reminder on my google calendar). It’s not wildly out of control. I try to keep it in the range of 20-30 emails. I want to get to where I have a 0-5 email inbox. Currently I’m at 15. I tell myself if I get through two emails a day, this will be taken care of in two weeks.

4 – Re:clothes. I am going to confess here that I have one full dresser of clothes in my room, half of the master bedroom closet full of jeans and dresses, an under-the-bed drawer full of sweaters or tanks/shorts (depending on the season), three small drawers of running clothes in the guest bedroom, hanging shelves in the craft room with hoodies, and a hall closet full of mostly coats. I lived without most of these clothes for four months while we subleased. I would love to pare down my wardrobe so that it all fits in one room…well maybe my running clothes can stay in the guest bedroom??? This is a daunting task, but for now it means that anytime I wear something and don’t love it, it goes in a bag in a corner in my room. I’ll have report on my progress later this year.

That’s it for my resolutions. Onto life as it is in reality.

5 – So far this winter has been very kind to us. It got really cold for a week. Snow slowly accumulated to 5-6″ over a week. It got warm, the snow melted, and I ran outside. We got a fresh coating of 2-3″ of snow this week. So not a ton of snow and we didn’t die from cold, and it’s almost the end of January! It’s been beautifully white most of this month.

6 – To pass the winter time, Chris and I have been checking out the Big Bang Theory from the library and binge-watching it and memorizing the theme song…hehe. Over the holidays I picked up a chick lit book that I could find in our book boxes – The Future Homemakers of America. I got it from the Nashville Public Library sale, so it was probably a quarter. I think it was worth that much in terms of quality of book. I’m dragging my feet on reading the last 50 pages. I’ve also been finding daily joy and inspiration over on Instagram. Blessed is she is hosting a daily photo challenge where there’s a word of the day for each day and people just link their pictures in through hashtags. You can check out all the lovely inspiring pictures by searching #projectblessed and you can find me here on Instagram. P.S. You can subscribe to Blessed Is She to get the daily readings and a reflection on the days scriptures.

7 –  Chris and I are trying to pay down our students loans as much as possible and I was trying to think of ways I can bring in some extra-budgetary money (since I’m salary). After hearing about Care.com from Chris’ Mom, I signed up to be a tutor. So far I have one tutee and I may take on one more. I think this is the perfect way I can earn some extra money AND put to use all those years of math and science classes. It finally feels like the shoe fits. It’s also nice to feel like I’m putting some of my skills to good use (okay, besides trying to cure UTIs….).

That’s a wrap folks. And let me say 7 Quick Takes are actually fast when there’s no pictures involved – lesson learned! Linking up with Kelly!


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