Five Favorites: Ypsilanti Edition

Now that we’ve had time to settle, I’ve found some of the great things about our new stomping grounds in Ypsilanti. Today is your lucky day because I’ve compiled a (mostly) illustrated list just for YOU! Conveniently there are five favorites here, so I’m linking up with Jenna.

1 – I thought Renfrew and Connoquenessing were great town names, but these have now been beaten for the best town name ever by Ypsilanti (Ip-suh-lan-tee). Butttttt nobody around here actually calls it that. It’s just Ypsi. And we can call people from here Ypsters. That just about sums up what the town is like, no picture necessary.

2 – Shortly after moving here we heard about a nearby Steelers bar.  After checking it out Chris said, “It’s a sign that we are meant to live here.” It’s as if we’re in Pittsburgh, but actually we’re only 1.5 miles from our house. It’s called Sticks and every Sunday the bar opens early for a private party called, “The Steelers Nation.” And people bring their own decorations. Seriously, it’s the best place to watch a game. And yes, someone brings a monkey wearing a Heinz shirt and hangs him from the rafters every week.

Steelers Nation

Only a fraction of the paraphernalia fans haul in.

3 – Also a mile from our house is a beautiful Catholic church built circa 1850. I can bus or bike to the 8 am Mass on Wednesday or Thursday and hop on a bus that takes me right to my work. It’s been great that I can incorporate this into my weekly routine.

St. John the Baptist - Ypsi

Sunrise + Fall makes anyone look like a great photographer.

4 – And then the most ridiculous thing about Ypsi is the city landmark, which I get to gaze upon while waiting for said bus.

Ypsi water tower

View from the bus stop.

Oh, don’t worry, I later went for a run around town just to get a close-up for you! You’re welcome!

Ypsi water tower, up close and personal

Seriously, what were people thinking in the 19th century?!?! I just can’t….

5 – And at the end of the day, one of the buses I can take home, drops me off right near here this lovely trail that passes close to our house.

Trail home

And there’s not just this, but so many other great places to run and bike here. In Nashville I didn’t get very far running from home before I got to an unsafe street. It’s great, if only the weather cooperates. Because let’s be real, these pictures were mostly taken a couple weeks ago and this is the new reality here in Ypsilanti (arrow added for emphasis).

Weather report

Naïve me didn’t notice the RealFeel temperature before I planned a run with my friend Kristin. I thought 20° was plenty warm for a run. And we were fine most of the time until we found ourselves heading straight into those gusts of wind for the last mile. I think I got a brain freeze. I never knew 20° could be so dang cold! Also, we ran six miles at under a nine-minute-per-mile pace. I think that was thanks to our primal instincts telling us, “Run faster, seek shelter!”





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