7QT: One month, in pictures

Life has been bustling around here. The past month has just flown by. Here are some of the highlights:

1 – Chris strung up a clothesline for me outside. I had been able to avoid turning on the dryer, but unfortunately the outside temps are getting too cold now. The last time I  used the line, though, Chris’ socks didn’t quite dry. I laid them all out on my dresser to finish drying and then had a chuckle when I took a step back. Our Lady of……..Perpetual Sock Drying, pray for us?

Our Lady of.......

2 – While Chris was out of town one weekend, I decided it was beyond time to get the house decorated. Here’s a peek into the dining room and living room.

Home decor

Confession: I love entering giveaways on my favorite blogs. After entering so many, it’s likely I’d win at least a couple giveaways. I was lucky to win a beautiful print from Dovetail Ink over at Nell’s blog. Chris and I promised to not spend money on anniversary presents for each other. So I picked out a print of the prayer (St. Michael the Archangel) we say every night before we go to bed and framed it for our anniversary. Turns out we’re both good at evading the rules and Chris used a Kohl’s gift card to buy me some warm PJs and socks. 🙂

3 – The next weekend my department had its retreat at Michigan State’s Kellogg Biological Station. It was beautiful. It was too bad that there wasn’t enough time to get some hiking and canoeing in, but it was a great way to get to know more people in the department and see all the exciting research that’s being done by my peers.

Gull Lake @ Kellogg Biological Station

4 – We’ve also managed to find a weekend when we were both in town and went apple picking with a couple new friends. Now there’s a half bushel of apples (Red Ida, Mutsu, and Red Delicious) sitting in our kitchen. Mmm…fresh apples are delish! I made an apple pie last weekend and will probably make another this weekend.

Chris & Ida RedsMe & Ida Reds

Otherwise it’s…..

5 – Canning and Soup-making Season! This year, with Chris’ encouragement, I decided to see if I could figure out that mysterious tradition of canning things. He loves homemade applesauce and salsa and so I’ve obliged him with six pints of salsa (I wish all that chopping made more!) and eight pints of applesauce (more on the way!). Canned salsa is not as good as salsa fresca, but it’ll do for the winter. Chris said that he opened a can of store bought salsa and it no longer tastes good to him. I’ve officially ruined him and committed myself to a lifetime of salsa-making. I also got a bunch of unripened tomatillos, ground cherries and tomatoes from my CSA, so I’m going to try a few jam recipes: here here, and here. Unless I hear any better ideas…send them my way!Cream of Spinach soup

I also love making a good batch of soup on the weekend to take to work for lunch. I love this recipe for Cream of Spinach soup (with some added spices). Now I’ve been more adventurous and used the roux base and made up some other delicious soups. This week I used leeks, roasted squash, curry and cinnamon. So, so good and sorry no pictures of that. It’s gone. Next time I will document it and write down the recipe.

6 – Whew. And now it’s already almost Halloween. I got two pumpkins at Aldi and put them out on our front porch until we decorate them this weekend. I few days ago I noticed something had scratched the one pumpkin some, but didn’t think much of it. The next day, we found this on our front porch:

Pumpkin 1

And the next day the other one bit the dust:

Pumpkin 2

Also this mysterious animal vandal managed to rotate the first pumpkin about 90°. Pretty crazy. I’ve never seen this before. What do you think it is? I’ve seen a groundhog in our backyard and I think I’ve seen an opossum in the neighborhood, too.


Think I can just stick a candle in these and call it a day? Kelly says we should carve the other sides of them. Mostly, I’m sad we won’t be eating the seeds from these. They are scattered, picked apart and just plain gross now. 😦

7 – Last weekend I did the bulk of the work on this year’s Halloween costumes. Can you guess what we’re going to be?

Halloween Costumes


6 thoughts on “7QT: One month, in pictures

  1. Our Lady of Perpetual Sock Drying, too hilarious, totally lol’d at that one. I love all the fall-ness going on in your world! I have no idea what kind of critter would do that to the pumpkin, that is crazy, though kind of impressive too. I have to say, my first thought was at least the critter took care of some of the steps of carving for you :).


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