An update on the homestead

The past few days have seen a huge bump in getting some unpacking and re-organizing done around the house.

Thursday was the Great Table Shuffle of 2014. My cousin David and his wife Beth were getting rid of their dining room table, which was our late grandma’s. Sentimental, large, solid wood, and free! Just what we need! Thanks to some coordinating with my parents this wonderful table and some other furniture landed in our garage a couple weeks ago. Then Chris played “Shrek the Musical” for eight days straight, I went to Chicago for a conference and only this past week were we both home and able to team up and move some furniture. So we shuffled a crappy round table (a curb rescue) from the upstairs “craft room” down two stories to the laundry room. Then the smaller craft table we’ve been using for dining went upstairs to the craft room and finally our new-to-us dinner table barely squeezed through the back door and into our dining room. Now we have a table that would easily fit eight people with leaves in it. I am so excited to be able to entertain people more comfortably now.

wpid-wp-1411348565559.jpegI rode the high of getting stuff done and shifted my focus to getting my craft stuff unpacked and organized Thursday night. I was quite pleased with the results and could only think of getting my sewing machine set up over the weekend to finish off my craft nook. I bought an old sewing table from my friend Katie over a month ago but it needed some modifications to allow my machine to fit onto the table. Chris and I got those taken care of on Saturday and my machine is ready for business (literallyI just opened an Etsy store, check it out)! Ultimately I would like to paint the sewing table, but at least it is now functional. Now we just need to get some bookshelves in that room and we’ll be able to finish unpacking that room.





On Saturday, Chris attacked the garage with a vengeance. When we first moved in we had half the garage filled up so that we could only park one car. Then the furniture delivery happened and my car got the boot too. I really want to get it organized and the furniture out soon so that both our cars can be parked in the garage for the winter. One thing we learned this weekend is that surprisingly Walmart and Costco utility shelves are the same price. Not surprisingly, Costco’s shelves are MUCH sturdier. The Walmart shelves are now loaded in Chris’ car ready to be returned.

After Chris’ hard day’s work we have reclaimed one of the parking spaces. All that remains is a piece of furniture that needs to be stained and others that just need to be moved. Unfortunately, I’m not apt to help with those tasks. Chris has learned during the short course of our marriage that I am a terrible partner for carrying things and he is not even going to attempt to move the rest of furniture with only my help. In fact, I am lucky we got the tables moved on Thursday. So please, someone, preferably someone who is strong, come help us finish cleaning out the garage. I don’t think it will be long until the morning frosts begin.


While I’m on the topic of making this place our home, I’m going to “ask the audience.” We’re fairly certain the previous owners were smokers and that the smell was partially covered up by some strong air fresheners while the house was on the market. This has left the house with a pretty strange smell. Chris is determined to try to get the smell out eventually. So far we have kept the windows open as much as possible, used Febreze air fresheners, put charcoal in bags around the house and boiled vinegar. I don’t know if the smell is getting better or we’re getting used to it. Any other tips would be much appreciated!

And a funny end as a reward for anyone who has read this far through a rather laundry-list-type update. Here is the gist of our conversation discussing what to do with this lovely, huge shipping crate my dad gave Chris.


A blue or purple crate

C: I’m not exactly sure yet what I want to do with this crate.
L: I thought you were going to use it for your music stuff.
C: I probably will. Too bad it’s purple.
L: It’s blue.
C: People usually have coasters on these.
L: Coasters?
C: Yes. Coasters.
L: Coasters? Why coasters? (At this point I’m thinking he wants to use it for an end table, which is a definite no.)
C: So then you can roll it.
L: Ooooo you mean casters, not coasters! (Commence a lot of laughing on my part.)

Happy Monday, folks!


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