7 Quick Takes: Summertime, One Hot Mess and Hyperflexible feet

1 –  A few weeks ago I actually WON a giveaway from Kendra at Catholic All Year. It’s a beautiful handmade polymer cross from Tammie at TTEDesigns. I also love the Steam Punk pieces she has on her Etsy shop. I found a nail in the kitchen left by the former tenants and voila we now have SOMETHING decorative hanging on our walls. Can you tell I can’t wait to finally move into our new place?P1010240 2- Oh, let’s zoom out from that cross a little and see what a hot mess Chris and I are living in. P1010241 There we go. Now this is much more realistic. Thank God for that space above the cabinets or else we would’ve never been able to fit everything in this little apartment. Did I mention I’m excited to move into the new place? Twice the square footage and that’s not including the half finished basement. I’m dreaming of a less cluttered home. 3 – One way I’ve found to make the apartment more pleasant is to pick some wildflowers on my way home from work. There’s some really pretty yellow ones at my bus stop. I’ve been adding them to the green onions I am growing on my window sill and I think it looks so nice, considering the bouquet is mostly onions. The onions are getting big though, so I think it’s about time for another batch of enchiladas. 🙂 Summer has finally come to Michigan! P1010234 4 – Another sign that it’s truly summer is the beginning of my summer swim club at the city pool. I have never been on a swim team, but I really enjoyed the swim portion of the triathlon I did last fall. So now that I find myself unable to run without irritating my foot, I am testing new waters (hehe). I’ve been three times and I’ve successfully swam the full 1.5 h of the club. However, I have yet to finish all the drills the coach put up for the night and am still terrible at breast stroke and butterfly. It’s definitely an exercise in humility and hopefully I will be able to finish all the drills within the allotted time by the end of summer. It feels so good to spend the evening swimming under the sun. I’m loving the 15 h of daylight and 9 pm sunsets.

5 – I did finally get to a Sports Medicine physician a couple weeks ago to have them look at my foot. The background story is that the inside ball of my right foot is painful if I wear anything other than tennis shoes and the pain is exacerbated by running. I got an X-ray and thankfully there’s no sign of a stress fracture, present or past, thanks be to God. So what’s the diagnosis? ‘Hypermobile joint syndrome’ or as it says on my prescription for orthotics ‘hyperflexible feet.’ This just sounds ridiculous. Now I’m just waiting until my July 29 appointment for orthotics and it seems like it will be forever until I can really start running again. Until then, swimming and cycling it is and I am so glad that the weather is nice enough to do both of these sports outside.

6 – Chris’ last day of school was yesterday and I think it’s fair to say that he was pleasantly surprised by how much he enjoyed teaching pre-K through 8th grade music. So now we are just waiting to hear from the school if they’ve found a way to hire him come Fall. In the meantime and by the grace of God, we met a fun Michigander named Rob at a Theology on Tap a few weeks ago. Chris and Rob exchanged contact information and then nothing really happened. Last week, though, Rob called Chris to tell him his company got a bunch of new contracts for installing IT networks and they need more hands on deck. So Chris is going to start training/working part time with him next week! Talk about perfect timing, thanks be to God for reals.

7 – Our wonderful wedding photographer, Kelsey Kradel, submitted some of our photos to a publication in Pittsburgh. Pretty Living Magazine selected them for publication, which was released this week. You can download the full magazine here but I’ve put the four page spread below for your enjoyment. I also want to thank our friend Bryan for being our chauffeur and keeping it classy and apologize for him not being listed in the magazine, mea culpa. Congrats, Kelsey! PL Mag 1           For the brides-to-be out there I highly recommend Kelsey and the good news for all you getting married outside the border of the great state of Pennsylvania is that she just announced that she is expanding her business and opening up her services to book travel and destination weddings around and outside of the country! She is able to accommodate a variety of photography budgets right now and is offering amazing introductory wedding photography rates at this time for anyone booking weddings outside of Pennsylvania. So check that gal out! www.kelseykradel.com

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12 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes: Summertime, One Hot Mess and Hyperflexible feet

  1. Congrats on the part-time job for Chris, what great news! Hope the fulltime school one will work out too:)
    Isn’t it amazing how simple flowers can brighten your day and mood?! Have a great weekend:)


  2. I’m really happy that that cross has found a loving home! Tami does great work. Your idea for brightening up the onions is brilliant! And your whole wedding, but most especially your dress, is just stunning. I do love cap sleeves.


  3. Visiting (late) from 7QT…the swim club sounds great! I took a swim class at the end of college and loved it; by the end I could swim a mile and even kept up swimming for awhile afterward. Someday, somehow, I’m going to start again. 🙂


    • Hi Heidi – Thanks for visiting! I was late to the 7QT too 🙂 I’m lucky the swimming has worked out in terms of timing this summer – hopefully one day you’ll find a way to get back into it.


  4. Your wedding photos are straight up insane. So beautiful. So stunning. And, I’m so glad you have a blog now! I’m going to have to go through some of your archives here 🙂 Also, just sayin’, this post would be perfect for the tl;dr linkup…wink wink!


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